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Opportunities for caring dog lovers

We are always eager to hear from doggie people in Essex who would like to care for dogs in their own homes.

If you want to become a pet sitter, join us today and experience the joy of taking care of dogs in your own home.

Join us!

If you are a caring and compassionate dog lover and you can meet our criteria then you could become a pet sitter.

Janice Lloyd CEO of Essex Petsitters is a qualified pet sitter in her own right, with many years’ experience – she really enjoys her time taking care of animals and has her own portfolio of clients and dogs that she looks after.


Why be a dog sitter?

  • A great way to earn some extra money at home
  • Meet new people
  • Form great relationships with the dogs who come to stay. Some of our sitters become lifelong friends and really benefit from the love and companionship they receive from their new canine friends
  • Provide a genuine service which allows dog owners to leave their precious companions in safe and capable hands when they are on holiday – or away for any reason
  • A great excuse to keep fit – providing regular walks and exercise
  • All the benefits of having a dog but not on a permanent basis
  • This really is the best of both worlds

Providing a great service

We provide an important service for people who do not want to put their dogs into kennels when they are away and we take great pride in excellent service that we offer to our customers.

Dog sitting is a very fulfilling way to meet new people and is an enjoyable way to earn some extra money.

Our criteria

This is a responsible role, so we ask for all potential pet sitters to meet our criteria:

  • You must be at home all day
  • Have a secure garden
  • No young children at home
  • Be able to provide a high standard of care within the home
  • Have lifelong experience of different breeds of dogs
  • It is fine to have your own well behaved dog, and many owners like the fact that their pet will have another pooch to play with while they are away
  • Some dogs do not get on well with other dogs, and so equally we like to have some pet sitters who do not have any animals of their own
  • Most of all you must be caring and compassionate – and a dedicated dog lover!

What's involved?

Our service involves you taking care of a dog in your own home whilst their owner is away.

This includes caring for them exactly as their owner would with regular walks, play and feeding and maintaining their routine whilst they stay in your home.

We will only register a new pet sitter if we would be happy to leave our own family dogs with them – so if you meet our high standards – we would love to hear from you.

Could you provide loving care for a dog in your own home? This is a great role with many fantastic benefits.

If you think that you have the right qualities to become a pet sitter – fill in our form or get in touch for more information.